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10 K views in a year or so T_T Thank you guys, I'm really happy! :"3
King of the... by ToniK9
King of the...
Kageyama!!!!! Hnnnnggggg.... Haikyuu ruined my life!!!

In other words I wanted to try experimenting with new styles and colors. I especially love how the manga is drawn so I tried incorporating some of those speed lines into this drawing. It was really really fun!!!! Although I'm sure there are a lot of anatomy mistakes I'm fairly happy with how this turned out! ^^ >///<

Thank you guys for reading my rants! If anyone's interested, I sometimes post wips and sketches on my twitter/tumblr!! ^^
I'm such an inactive piece of trash, art will come soon, promise <3
he's back by ToniK9
he's back
K...Kaneki.... T___T GAHH I'm so happy he's back! Honestly guys...I really toiled with this. I'm not sure if I improved or not but uhh...XD 

Also, I'm pretty sure the mask is screwed up, HUR HUR let's just say I improvised ok ahahahaha~~~ (not that I spent 4 hrs on that eye and there was no way in hell I would cover it up with an eyepatch NOPE) 

Thank you for taking the time to read my rants <3 T_T    twitter -->   tumblr -->
HELLO my dear watchers! TT_TT It's been so long since I properly updated, I can't even remember the last time I did this! :P 

Overall I've been...errrr...alright  I suppose. A couple months back I went through a pretty awful phase, sleepless nights full of self hatred and lots of angry drawings (I really want to improve ok?) XD I guess I accomplished some of what I set out to draw, at a cost of course. 

Like most angry,stressed, sleep-deprived collage students I ended up getting pretty sick (and still am a kindof sick), some awful intestinal virus idk (let's just say there was a lot of blood). Regardless I must have seen at least 5 doctors, none of which could give me a straight answer. (I actually left the country at one point to get treatment as well ahahahhhahahahahaaaa.....)

Now I'm well...still sick I suppose. It's really nothing I can't handle as of now. Meanwhile I'm really working hard to improve and I've got a couple of cool arts to share with you all in the future! 

Thank you so much for your support I'm really happy and thankful for each and every one of you! :"D 

(please visit my new tumblr --> there's not much there right now, but I'm really hopeful for the future!!) 


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I am a fairly broke college student whose life revolves around constant fangirling, K-pop, Anime, horses and tapioca.

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OMGOSH thanx for watching me!!!:iconyattaaplz:
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XDXD sure thing dear!! ^^ anyone who likes Shinee and TG is worth a watch!! HUE HUE
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you are so ridiculously good it hurts me. teach me senpai.... o3o
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OTL you are so kind T_________T *SOBS HARD* Thank u bby  I really appreciate it! <3<3<3
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gah ur art is beautiful ^o^/
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as;lkd ples  T________T Gahh  th ank yo u s O  Muc H!!! :""D <3 <3
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ur welcomeKirino Kousaka (Smile) [V1] 
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I see VerdigrisLatte has reached u
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HNNGGGG Her draws are so lovely!! T_________T AND HON HON YHUS  (I'm kind of a tapioca snob honestly HON HON TARO MILK TEA MY LIFEBLOOD) 
IceLaws Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aAHAHAH its a shame she isnt :iconsrapplz: VerdigrisLatte 
asdkjf askdf 
i rly love
tapioca pearls and just
im not talking about the pearls in milk tea
but good
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